Air Conditioning and Refrigeration



Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Technology and style go in accord with air conditioning system and Refrigeration in your home and office.

The requirement for AC and refrigeration is the easy installation and high-cost efficiency in countries is growing progressively.
Air conditioning and Refrigeration experts are frequently allocating with installation, maintenance and repair for purifying and air conditioning (AC) systems in residential and commercial buildings such as supermarkets, offices, schools, hospitals and food processing plants. They are conceivably trained by certification programs.
This curriculum renders a simple understanding of the air conditioning essentials, AC assembling, AC erection and servicing, trouble shooting, fundamentals of refrigeration, refrigerator spaces, mechanism of refrigerator, water cooler, bottle cooler and deep freezer and Ice cream machine.
This course can be taken up by engineers, diploma holders or even 10th Pass/fail people and equip them to become their own masters.

Air conditioning technology manages and restores cooling and air-conditioning equipment. If you never considered this as a potential life option, you might be startled to learn that it is not just a matter of choice and with viable profits.
Such qualified people are hired by installation contractors, construction companies, food wholesalers, manufacturing companies and service companies. Air conditioning mechanics work securely and wear proper equipment to defend against physical damages.
Work circumstances can involve schools, hospitals, factory sites, warehouses, residences, and sometimes several locations on the same day. You can allocate to the same area of work or make service calls to various destinations every day.
In case of Refrigeration, the job prospects are available in Ice cream factories, Malls, AHUs and in maintaining .

The AC and Refrigeration career does not end of getting a job. Through additional practice, experience and skill certifications, technicians can develop their own business for their lifetime.
Some experts are starting with service equipment exchange for physical installations. The expert technicians with multiple years of practice manage their business operations and distributions under their zone.
Some specialists in this field commence their private business. So get yourself trained to be your own master rather being just a technician!

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