Entrepreneurship is a study of how to be on your own doing your own business with the skill sets enhanced to take on the challenges and rewards thereof.

It is an amazing study where the individuals are groomed to understand about their own strengths and weaknesses to garner decisions to attain the goal they have in their mind. Entrepreneurship guides the individuals through economics, environmental sustainability and social importance.

Entrepreneurship is both creative and technical in nature as it needs to be conducted by the individuals themselves. Market is seeing an upswing in the entrepreneurial start ups in different fields based on the technical and creative knowledge of the individuals in the market. With many young individuals taking up different fields as entrepreneurs training in entrepreneurship by Tatti is a boon disguise.

The job prospects in this field are high with new ventures coming up every now and then in private sector as well with Government’ imitative of “ Made in India”. The students who undergo the training are well equipped in either starting their own venture or can become a part of an existing project whichever is viable for the individual. This training aids the trainee to enhance his people skills, observation and the perception towards business prospects.

The training in entrepreneurship from Tatti will make the individual more confident and knowledgeable in the area of entrepreneurship. The training has the following points ingrained in the individuals after the training sessions are completed:

  • The trainee gets the understanding of the context, concepts, theories and process of entrepreneurship.
  • The training aids in developing the insight within the trainee to tap entrepreneurial opportunities & recognize the entrepreneurial potential within oneself, whether one want to start own business or act as an entrepreneur within an existing organization.
  • With Tatti’s training one will be able to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and assess these opportunities to go further.
  • A trainee’s researching skills and the viability or feasibility of new business concepts are much clear with the training.
  • After the training, trainee will be able to understand how to turn a new business concept into a sustainable business venture

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