The present automobile industry is getting ready for the next version of automobiles that is Electronic Vehicles or E Vehicles.

India has been forecasted to be user of E Vehicles of upto 30.81 million electric vehicles by the year 2040 and the need for learning the nuances of such vehicles becomes very important. The world all around is going towards new sources of energy with is much renewable and is abundantly available unlike petroleum products.
In such a scenario, when E vehicles are going to rule the future automobile segment, a training course on e vehicle designing and development will add value to an individual in the field. At Tatti, look ahead in future is what we work at and training the individuals in the same is our motto.

With such viability for e vehicles in the automobile segment, the trained e vehicle designers and developers will be in high demand in coming up years. Any candidate with a training in this segment will have an added advantage over a regular mechanic and will have a well paid job in the best of automobile companies.
Training in e vehicle designing and development will add value to the employment prospects of an individual who is already employed in the automobile segment. The understanding of hybrid vehicle components will add value to the employment of the candidate..

The training in e-vehicle designing and development will aid the individual to gain better knowledge about the elements involved in the engineering science, management science and environmental science in order to learn how to evaluate, analyze and implement the diffusion of electric vehicles where their use is relevant.
The training will also help the individual to define e vehicle system requirements and select and size system components that best meet those requirements.

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