Architectural Draughtsmanship



Architectural Draughtsmanship

Introduction to perspective Views ,Constructing Perspective Views, Rendering Perspective Views, Perspective Projection, Free Hand Perspective, Architectural Drawing Conventions, One point perspective, Two point Perspective, Three point Perspective

Drawing Types:

  •     Introduction to perspective Views
  •     Constructing Perspective Views
  •     Rendering Perspective Views
  •     Perspective Projection
  •     Free Hand Perspective
  •     Architectural Drawing Conventions
  •     One point perspective
  •     Two point Perspective
  •     Three point Perspective

Architecture presentation:

  •     Final touching such as Pave ways
  •     Movable and immovable in perspective view

Special Techniques:

  • Shadow perspective

Architectural Sketching:

  •    Architectural Plans
  •     Plants Capping

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