A great visionary in the field of technical education. Was an inspiration to a lot of people, who looked upon him for his ideals.
Mr. C.Ranganathan -FOUNDER

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About us

TATTI was established in the year 1985, with the mission of supporting and implementing innovative careers. We are a nonprofit organisation specializing in the training of underprivileged students.

Our main goal is to emphasis the importance of non formal education to the society. Our educational process is usually based on manual/ practical activities, traditionally non – academic, related to the specific area of interest of the students.

By providing procedural knowledge to the students, we enable the students to meet the industrial standards right at the educational level. We concentrate on demand driven short term training courses, which is decided in consultation with the corporate world. Different levels of programs are offered, Foundation Level as well as Skill up gradation to meet the demands of various target groups. Our institute is registered and bound to govt of india . Our students with our modular 20000 sq.ft. of study area, enjoy the benefits of one of the best studying experience.

We also provide education and training to dropout students, thereby encouraging them to improve their standards. 100% Placement to students is our primary motto.


Our motto is to ensure global standards in all our endeavors to the student community. We continuously strive to satisfy and delight our customers through quality performance in all the services rendered.


  1. Ensuring we have the right people with the right skills and aptitudes.
  2. Regular monitoring of key aspects of students performance using our balanced sustainability scorecard.
  3. Understanding the needs of the students and the industry. We ask questions, get into the depth of work, anticipate challenges, share ideas and work together with industry and students to achieve goals.


Mr.C.Ranganathan a great visionary in the field of technical education. Was an inspiration to a lot of people, who looked upon him for his ideals. He had been a guiding light to the lives of the less fortunate, by helping them with education and source of income. He was a first generation social entrepreneur whose encouragement created ‘N’ number of entrepreneurs in various fields. He wanted the young minds of India to scale great heights in the field of technical education. With the support of both the Central & State Government, he was able to provide training to the needy. He had keen interest in Agriculture & Tamil Literature. Also the words from Thirukural & many other motivational books inspired him. With his high face value he had influenced a lot of people and as a principle he recognised potential people as collaborators rather than a competitor The services rendered by him, to the student’s society will always be etched in the history of the technical education.